Vapi Handcrafted Bag

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This handcrafted piece will take you to meet the artwork and history of MUTVA community who migrated from Sindh to Banni, Kuch. India has been endowed with a rich culture, which despite modernisation has kept its unique traditions and values intact. This artistic piece tells you a story about an embroidery called Pakko Mukko an embroidery migrated from Sindh, Pakistan. The women of Mutva community specialises in PAKKO MUKKO embroidery which involves minute stitching techniques of pieces of very small mirror. Those are made in small patches and the stitches covers the whole fabric so well that one can not see the base of the fabric on which the piece is being embroidered. The belt of the bag is the fabric reused from old Mutva cloths. The bead embroidery  on the bag has been made by Afghan refugee women .The kada attached on each strap of the bag in front is the hand made bracelets of Lambani women. Every element in this piece of art gives it a "One Of A Kind" touch.